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 "Tight", "Exposure" is the biggest feature of the "bandage dress", it is full of flexibility, strong sense of wrap, so by the pursuit of sexy dress girl welcome.



Style more loose "bandage dress" is becoming more and more popular with the girls.


It is the the magic weapon of ladies dress up . The ladies of the feast, Kardashan and her sisters, Lindsay Lohan's train party, or Snooki and J. Wow in the bar on the coast of the United States, bandage dress is essential.

 It is diverse in style, with European and American style, sexy, retro, college, casual. It is filled with a variety of popular elements, stitching, printing, halter, hollow, irregular, perspective, zipper and so on. Fabrics are all kinds of blended, chiffon, lace, polyester fiber, polyester, chemical fiber, cotton blended. The length of the skirt to meet the needs of all, it includes all kinds of length in the skirt,such as medium skirt, medium long skirt, long skirt, short skirt and mini skirt. 

It is designed specifically for "women who want to liberate the body," the charm of the skirt is "so that all people are eager" - it will not deliberately cover the female body is not perfect, but to help those who highlight the "hourglass type" figure. HLBANDAGE is sexy and classic,it won’t be faded away from the fashion trend with time passed by.Not only does it make you be a graceful and tasty lady,but it is also essential to the wardrobe.Show your own fashion,sexy and confidence,none of us can live without it ——HLBANDAGE dress!

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