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HLBANDAGE was created in China.Official website .HLBANDAGE is meaning High quality Ladies BANDAGE. HLBANDAGE focus on women's high-end  bandage clothing produce, sales.HLBANDAGE are made of 90% 120D double-stranded rayon.Woven fabric thick color after the bright, smooth,comfortable and high-end, four seasons to wear. HLBANDAGE clothing every cut are close to the body, carving out the perfect shape of women.HLBANDAGE clothing will create an unforgettable image for you.More sexy, more charming, more interesting. HLBANDAGE support retail, wholesale, drop shipping,OEM/ORM.


Logo is simple and beautiful.Design inspiration comes from the top three letters of the brand HLBANDAGE. Rotate 90 degrees with HLB three letters. And can see is a sexy half body woman.


HLBANDAGE factory was founded in 2011.HLBANDAGE focused on bandage clothing set research and development, design, production and sales as one. Factory area of 1,000 square meters, with more than 50 advanced weaving machines, workers more than 100 people, of which half is more than three years of workers. Can produce bandages related to the style to reach more than 2,000, with nearly 100,000 pieces in stock, the factory annual output of up to 300,000 . We support  retail,drop shopping,wholesale,labeling service,OEM/ORM. The current business covers the world.


2011  HLBANDAGE factory was established in China, 2011. New machines and skilled workers were convoked, we choosed bandage dress as our mainly products.Focus on order production.

2011-2014 As the number of wokers increased from 10 to 50. And our monthly output has also raised to 5000pcs.We started to set up our own R & D team.

2014-2016 With the international business form was changing, we start not just factory, but also online website.We have our own warehouse. Support retail, Wholesale, OEM/ODM, Label, Drop shipping service. Our foreign trading department was found and started to expand our business.  

2017 Monthly production exceeded 30,000pcs.Factory area of 1,000 square meters, with more than 50 advanced weaving machines, workers more than 100 people, of which half is more than three years of workers. Can produce bandages related to the style to reach more than 2,000, with nearly 100,000 pieces in stock.


1. Sexy HLBANDAGE bandage dress perfectly combine the elegance of cheongsam with the bold,avantgarde of European and American evening dress.It makes the romantic cherry blossoms embracing enthusiastic rose ,sending out an intriguing elegant.Fitting,steric clipping and soft,healthy materials just perfectly wrapped our body.The pleasant and cheerful fashion atmosphere kiss every inch of the skin!

2. Classic HLBANDAGE  bandage is sexy and classic,it won’t be faded away from the fashion trendwith time passed by.Not only does it make you be a graceful and tasty lady,but it is also essential to the wardrobe.Show your own fashion,sexy and confidence,none of us can live without it ——HLBANDAGE bandages!

3. Fine craft According to the four big fashion weeks of the seasonal trend of the colour ,fabrics and style,our inspirational designer team gained the greatest patterns with numerous fitting and samples-making at six months in advance.

4. Season The women do not need to be injustice with his beautifulness or worry about the seasons.As for the fabric,we manage to use the most suitable thickness of fabric.Bqueen dress is made of imported double-stranded the120D ice wire,and it can have you warmly wrapped in the winter and your skin breathed freely in the summer.

5. Occasion HLBANDAGE advocate simplicity ,but would be “simple”two characters from the “basic”in disengagament comes out.Rich to match the infinite imagination space,with a small suit able fashion ,with a shawl is elegant ,with a leather belt is sweet,whether daily party or fashion banquet can make you confident!

6. Celebrity Rrcently, HLBANDAGE bangage style is very popular in Hollywood.It is tight and looked as if by layer upon layer bandage wraps body up,convex and concave line stick out a mile,energetic.International superstars such as Kardashian,Hilton,Eva Longoria are crazy for the dress!

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